Introducing the Cook’s Studio at wineUdesign.

The Cook’s Studio is an interactive culinary event. Think of it as an intimate pop-up cooking class set in our unique venue, or yours.

Call it what you will–Date night for foodies. Practice for amateurs. A journey of gastronomic discovery for novices. Simply a fun night out for anyone who likes to cook, socialize, enjoy wine and eat.

You’ll make the food under the guidance of an experienced, award winning, and licensed chef instructor. Watch, listen and sample. Then Create your dishes. Eat your spoils.

CREATE EAT REPEAT is our slogan. It’s obvious how you’ll Create and Eat. To fulfill the triad and Repeat the experience, you’ll receive discount codes available for classes booked in the next six weeks at the completion of your session.

All classes are between 2-2 1/2 hours. No experience required. All hands on. You will be working in teams of two. Enjoy your spoils on site, or take home. And don’t forget a glass of your favorite at wineUdesign.

Are you ready to boost your culinary prowess? Visit The Cook’s Studio to book a class.

“So much fun! Food was tasty and hands-on experience. The chef was friendly and funny. Great evening!”

—Keith M.