FAQ'S for wineUdesign

  • What is wineUdesign?

    wineUdesign is a home winemaking facility that was started in 2010 by co-owners Gianni Fabrizi and Vincenzo Saulle. Up until this year, they focused on bringing in customers to walk through the process of making their own wine.However, since obtaining their license as a winery, they have become officially the first and only winery in Nassau County allowed to produce and/or bottle. They are now able to distribute to restaurants or other businesses seeking private label opportunities.

  • How did the company get started?

    The two co-owners are best friends who grew up making wine with their fathers and grandfathers. Their purpose in starting the company was to revitalize a tradition of winemaking that was dying with our older generations. Therefore, the family environment is something that is very important to us.

  • Where are we located?

    wineUdesign is located in Hicksville right off of Hicksville Road (Route 107). We are on Engineers Drive, an industrial area that is set back behind the Applebee’s that is next to Lowe’s. We are south of Old Country Road and north of Hempstead Turnpike

  • How does the process work? (What are the 4 classes?)

    Customers who make wine come in for 4 classes over the course of 11 months. In the first class, they get their hands in the grapes and sort through them before they crush them in our crushing machine. In the second class, they squeeze the rest of the juice out of the grapes by dumping them in our press (pizza is provided for customers at this step!!!). The third class is a mid-season tasting where they taste their wine right out of the barrel after 5-6 months of aging. The last and final class is where the customer gets to bottle their wine up using our bottling machines and finally take their wine home.


  • What about labels?

    One of the best parts of making wine is deciding what you will name your tasty vintage. wineUdesign offers dozens of labels at the facility that you can choose from and you can write whatever you like on those labels. This service is at no extra cost to you.

    For an extra cost, you may utilize our online labeling software http://www.stoneycreekwinepress.com/?dealerid=7100#categoryPage=4 which opens up every customizing ability you can imagine…You will do business online directly with our 3rd party label provider.

  • How much wine does a barrel make?

    American Oak = 240 Bottles (750ml)
    Romanian or French Oak = 270 Bottles (750ml)
    Other size bottles are made available as long as you pre-order in time for bottling.

  • What are the prices for making wine with us?

    Barrels start at $3,450 and include our most popular types and blends. For 240 bottles, that is under $15 per bottle and includes the experience and 4 visits for your group of up to 10 people. If you make 2 or more barrels we can get your costs down.

  • What if I don’t want to make that much wine?

    For people who are interested in only one case of wine (12 bottles), or perhaps a few cases of wine, we provide a Community Barrel option. So if a person and their spouse (or their friend) wanted to make one case, they would make a barrel with other individuals or couples. They are given two options of wine to choose from, depending on the season. For up to 2 people to make one case of wine with our community barrel, it is $275. This also includes all 4 classes, 12 bottles of wine, and their customized labels.

  • Where do we get our grapes? Why?

    wineUdesign is a winery, not a vineyard. This means we do not grow grapes at our facility, we only make wine. We import our grapes mostly from Chile in the Spring and California in the Fall. There are some cases (Amarone) where we import our material from Italy, as well. These areas are known to have soil that is full of all the nutrients needed for premium grapes. We import our grapes from areas with perfect climates to assure the best raw material. Great Grapes = Great Wine

  • What times/seasons are available to make wine?

    Most people assume that grapes are harvested and wine is made only in the Fall. However, the southern hemisphere has its harvest in the Spring. Therefore, we offer two seasons for winemaking: Californian Season (Fall) and Chilean Season (Spring). Usually, the Spring Season runs from April-June and the Fall Season runs from September-November. We usually offer weekday nights and weekend days as options for making appointments for classes. The community barrel is given 4-6 dates to choose from to start crushing their grapes, while private barrels have about a 2 month period to choose from.

  • What types of wines can we make?

    There are so many different varietals that we offer that the customer has a huge range to choose from when making wine with us. Everything from Merlot and Cabernet to Malbec and Carmenere (Syrah, Petite Syrah, Pinot Noir, Sangiovese etc.) private Barrel Owners can also make any blend of these wines with any percentage of each varietal. We make mostly red wines at wineUdesign.

  • How clean is the environment in which wine is made?

    wineUdesign has always and always will pride itself on its cleanliness. Every barrel, tank, vat, piece of equipment, and winemaking tool that wine may touch is kept to the highest cleaning standards. Each batch of wine is transferred into a freshly cleaned tank or barrel every few months and every piece of equipment is cleaned with a heated pressure washer that reaches 212 degrees!

  • Do we filter or put preservatives in our wine?

    Our filtration and preservation process is a very natural one, much like the rest of our practices. We use filter pads that are not too fine to assure that flavor isn’t stripped from the wine. The only preservatives we put into the wine is 4 teaspoons of sulfites per barrel across the span of a year. This is considered a trace amount of sulfites compared to commercial wineries that use much more.

  • Do we sell bottles and cases of wine?

    Yes, we can also provide bottles ranging from $15-$30 depending on how many are bought and the varietal. These bottles can have a semi-customized (pick a template and add text) label upon purchase. We also sell cases starting around $165 per case (12 bottles/$13.75 per bottle). Bottles and cases bought from us make for great gifts because you can make a label and add text, such as “Happy Birthday” or “Happy Anniversary”.

    *Gift certificates are available for purchase*